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Group Projects

Virtual Queue

Tech: Mongo, Express, React, Node, Google Cloud

Queue Management system that allows customers to join a virtual queue and store owners/employees to manage it with an easy to use intuitive UI

Backend Spotify Clone

Tech: Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Neo4j Graph DB

API for a music application implemented using the microservice architecture. Profile microservice uses graph DB for following/unfollowing users. Song microservice uses Mongo DB for storing all songs.

Hackathon Projects

Style Matcher

Tech: React, Google Cloud, Python, Flask

Web application that aims to make clothes shopping effortless through a style matching algorithm. The backend integrates Google Vision API into an algorithm which matches user’s clothing style to the outlet’s collection

Virtual Fitness App

Tech: Node, Express, Swift, Vonage API, Google Cloud, IBM NLU, Azure

Mobile app that aims to bring people closer through exercising and includes features such as hands free voice commands and guided workouts

Personal Projects

Security Alarm System

Tech: Arduino, Sensors (PIR, IR, Bluetooth), C/C++

Security Alarm system built by connecting two Arduino microcontrollers via Bluetooth. Customizations for volume and quiet mode integrated via IR sensor and an LCD display

JS Grid Library

Tech: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS

JS library which abstracts CSS grid creation and adds draggable/swap functionality to grid elements with an easy to use API.

More Projects